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The Rock Report

The Rock Report

The Rock Report

The Band: (from left to right) Conner Rachwal ‘26, Nicholas Calamar ‘23, John Wassersug ‘23, Vivienne Brodsky ‘26, Beatrice DeTrolio ‘23, Lydia Nassef ‘23, Yusef Kassem ‘23, Carol Pignato ‘23, Carolyn Stevenson ‘23, Faith O’Hanlon ‘24, Callisto Defeo ‘23, Evan Jackson ‘23.

The Dark Side of the Moon : A tribute concert by the Bishop Feehan Music Department

Faith O'Hanlon, Staff Writer May 31, 2023

The talent within the Bishop Feehan Music Department is undeniable. From an incredible Christmas concert to 21 PPAC Ocean State Star Award nominations for the theater department’s excellent interpretation...

Prominent Promposals!

Prominent Promposals!

Alexandra Burns, Staff Writer/Features Editor May 31, 2023

First Promposal: Arianna Simoneau 24’ and Adam Johnson 24’ Arianna Simoneau and Adam Johnson starting the promposals off strong! Arianna promposed to Adam with a series of handwritten signs...

Pool Planning

Pool Planning

Abigail Violett, Staff Writer/Sports Editor April 3, 2023

The Bishop Feehan Administration has made the shocking announcement that, after many years of extensive planning, a pool will be installed on the fourth floor. The pool area is set to be constructed on...

Group shows location of new tunnel to Doran.

Bishop Feehan’s Big Dig

Molly Sullivan, Staff Writer/Multimedia editor April 1, 2023

    Plans were just published revealing Bishop Feehan’s next big construction project: a tunnel to Doran. After years of complaints from students about their frigid walks to and from class each day,...

Prom will be stepped up this year as Feehan trades a night at the stadium for a night at the (cow) races.

Change in Proms

Grace Muliero, Resident Dairy Farmer April 1, 2023

As April 29th comes closer, so do the plans and extra details of the very special day that is Prom. However, this year it won't be the same as it has been in the past. Feehan’s coveted spot at Gillette...

Feehan Robotics ID robot.

Feehan Robotics Builds ID Sensing Robots

Lydia Nassef, Co-Editor In Chief/Staff Writer April 1, 2023

Bishop Feehan Robotics has just recently designed a robot that has the capability to patrol Feehan’s hallways and sound an alarm whenever it detects that a student is not wearing an ID. These robots...

Breaking News

Breaking News

Cathrine “Kitty” Katz April 1, 2023

…                 Happy April Fools!

Bluish Beginnings - The History of the Color Blue

Bluish Beginnings – The History of the Color Blue

Shannon Evans, Staff Writer April 1, 2023

Zorba blim blam, bloopity blue blee bloo. Splendido crinkle, quibble quack quoo. Yazzle yazoo, flim flam floo. Zing zang zoom, klippety kloo. Higgledy piggledy, wibble wobble woo. Bluey blue blue, moochy...

Look it’s him!

MrBeast to Visit Feehan

Annalise Karamas, Staff Writer April 1, 2023

 After almost 4 years of being on a rigorous and long waitlist, Bishop Feehan High school is finally qualified to enter into the “MrBeast School Funding Program”, where MrBeast himself will be visiting...

Rock Rumors

‘Rock Rumors

Alexandra Burns, Staff Writer/Features Editor April 1, 2023

To my faithful readers, here is the piping hot tea:   The Mr.Kelly vs Mr.Ryan male English teacher rivalry lives to see another day. Mr.Ryan, lover of the Boston Bruins and all things Jane Austen,...

A basketball hoop.

Bishop Feehan Teachers Relentlessly Prepare for Upcoming Student-Faculty Basketball Game

Lydia Nassef, Co-Editor In Chief/Staff Writer April 1, 2023

Bishop Feehan’s spring rally is coming up in just two short weeks, and our faculty team is tirelessly, diligently preparing for the student-faculty basketball game. Let’s check out what an average...

Pictured: (from left to right) Playing guitar is JD Mello, on the drums wearing a rocking Santa costume is Quentin Khan, singing is Bea De Trolio, and also playing guitar is Nick Calamar.

Fool’s Gold

Alexandra Burns, Staff Writer/Features Editor March 27, 2023

Fool’s Gold, a local rock band, is actual gold. Made up of four talented musicians, Quentin Khan, Joseph “JD” Mello, and two of Feehan’s own—Nick Calamar (‘23) and Beatrice “Bea” De Trolio...

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