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2024 Bishop Feehan Top 10

Front Row: Sofia Montaño, Jillian Conlon, Molly Sullivan, Alexandra Llamas, Isabella Graziano Back Row: Meghan Bourque, Salutatorian Nicholas Ciuica, Valedictorian Sean Callaghan, Tree Planter Peter Llamas, Kate DeVincent
Valedictorian: Sean Callaghan

Sean’s time at Feehan was a period of “growth, change, and increased understanding” of himself and the world around him, largely due to his many wonderful teachers. He loved all of his classes and teachers, so it’s “impossible for [him] to pick favorites!” Sean was involved with Varsity Soccer and was a captain for Winter & Spring Track, making him a 12-season athlete. He was also a CMSA and the Secretary of National Honor Society. 

Sean’s advice to underclassmen is that “if you work hard and truly set your mind to it, you can achieve your dreams!” He also encouraged them to “think critically about what their goals really are,” since it’s important to realize what truly matters the most in your life. He thanked all of his great teachers, coaches, and other staff members for helping him throughout his time in high school. Sean will be attending Harvard University, where he is an undecided major. He looks forward to “learning new things, meeting new people, and growing personally and intellectually.”

Salutatorian: Nicholas (“Nick”) Ciuica

Nick said Feehan made it “very easy to make friends if you’re willing to participate,” and he suggested joining clubs, trying sports, and talking with classmates. He was a member of the Fencing Team (where he was assistant captain and used the épée), Ultimate Frisbee team, and Math Team (where  he was a skilled co-captain). He also enjoys coding in his free time. Nick’s favorite teacher was Mr. Stephen Smith: he loves his personality, teaching style, and rapping; he also took AP Physics and AP Computer Science with him. 

Nick’s advice to underclassmen is to “work hard early,” especially so they can get into all the classes they want. He also encouraged putting yourself in the “highest class levels that you can” to get a great experience. He would “need a whole page” to thank people by name, including his family, friends, teachers, classmates, and everyone at Feehan, because they’re “all pretty darn cool!” Nick will be studying computer science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), where he received a large merit scholarship (the Rensselaer Medal). He looks forward to taking more programming and math classes as well as rooming with his best friend, Keith Wilfert.

Tree Planter: Peter Llamas

Peter described his Feehan experience as “welcoming and inclusive” with an encouraging community that always invites others to get involved. He was a CMSA, president of Chess Club, and a member of Breakfast Club, Math Team, Varsity Cross Country, and Varsity Spring Track. Peter is also an avid guitarist, being involved with PAWS, school masses, his church’s youth choir, the School of Rock, and Feehan’s ABBA show, one of his favorite memories. Some of his favorite classes were junior year English with Mr. Powell and senior year Calculus with Mr. Speidel. Another one of his favorite memories was the food festival during Heritage Week.

Peter hopes underclassmen are not afraid to be involved in what they like and reach out to new people since “you never know what you might learn!” His advice for juniors is to “start your college essays early!” He and his twin sister Alex are the second pair of twins in consecutive years to finish in the top 10; last year, Ishaan Siwach was the Tree Planter and Sneha Siwach was in the top 10. Peter said it was great that he and Alex got to celebrate this accomplishment together. He will be studying computer science at Tufts University where he looks forward to “meeting new people from all around the world.”

Rest of Top 10 (alphabetical order):

Meghan (“Meg”) Bourque

Meg is grateful for the Feehan community, especially for the encouraging, supportive, and amazing friends and teachers that she has met. She was involved with the Service Internship Class at Little Flower Daycare, chorus and liturgical choir, Feehan Friends, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Literary Magazine, and National Honor Society, in addition to dancing competitively and training in classical ballet outside of school. Some of Meg’s favorite classes were AP Bio with Mrs. Lavertu, AP Lang with Mr. Kelly, and Calculus with Mrs. Dolores.

Meg’s advice to others is to “use the resources that Feehan provides and ask for help” if you ever struggle in school, as your friends and staff are “always there to support you.” She said she loved all of her friends and “as hard as it is to say goodbye, I can’t wait to see all of the great things they will go on to do.” Meg will attend Chapman University in the fall where she will double major in dance and biology. She looks forward to meeting “new innovative, creative people” and being “inspired by the talent” at Chapman’s dance program.

Jillian (“Jill”) Conlon

Bishop Feehan provided Jill a space to form meaningful connections to learn and grow, both “intellectually and spiritually.” At Feehan, she was co-president of the Human Rights Club and involved with the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Film Club, Green Team, Lit Mag, Jazz Band, Set Crew, Stage Crew, and Varsity Softball. Some of her favorite teachers were Mr. Taylor, Mrs. Lavertu, Sra. Lindsay, Sra. Harris, and Sra. Marion, with the Spanish department playing a very influential role in her time at Feehan. She thanked Sra. Lindsay for always being so welcoming and supportive of her, saying she “would not be the person [she was] today” without her. Jill’s favorite class was the “craziness” of Emergency Medicine with Mr. Keane.

Jill’s advice to high schoolers is to “not be afraid to do the things you want to do,” not to take other’s opinions so seriously, to “surround yourself with people who appreciate you for who you are,” and not to rush anything. She emphasized the importance of finding friends “you would trust with anything” and would not need to put up a front for, and she thanked her friends who stuck by her for four years. Jill will study mechanical engineering within the Patrick Leahy Honors College at the University of Vermont. She looks forward to choosing to study the things she is passionate about and having “new freedoms.” 

Kate DeVincent

Kate’s Feehan experience was amazing, with a supportive community including her best friends. She was a member of Varsity Spring Track (Javelin), musical theatre, the Pre-Med Club (as a co-president), PAWS, and volleyball. She had a lot of favorite classes including sophomore year English with Mr. Ryan, sophomore Geometry with Mr. Peixoto, AP Lit with Ms. Bickford, AP Bio with Mrs. Lavertu, Jazz Choir with Mrs. Seals, AP Lang with Mr. Kelly, AP Calc with Mr. Speidel, Anatomy with Mrs. Casale, and AP Chem with Mr. Moreau. Kate thanked every teacher she had here, saying she appreciates them all and they made “such an incredible impact” on her life. 

Kate’s advice to underclassmen is to “try to be yourself unapologetically” no matter what, as she realized that others’ opinions of her do not matter as she got older. She also said to “surround yourself with people who make you feel valued.” Kate will be attending the Honors Program at Providence College, where she will major in health sciences on a pre-PA (physician assistant) track and minor in psychology. She looks forward to meeting new people, opportunities for internships, and the independence of creating her own schedule.


Isabella (“Izzy”) Graziano

Izzy’s Feehan experience was “enriching and unforgettable,” with great teachers, coaches, and friends who pushed her to be her best and supported her through ups and downs. She was involved in Soccer, Winter Track, and Spring Track for all four years (making her a 12-season athlete) in addition to being a CMSA, co-president of the Engineering Club, part of Special Olympics, and Feehan Friends. Izzy’s favorite classes were sophomore Geometry with Mr. Peixoto, sophomore English with Mr. Ryan, Engineering with Mrs. Correia, AP Lit with Ms. Bickford, Precalculus with Mrs. Dolores, Business Ethics with Mr. Fasy, AP Calc with Mr. Speidel, and AP Chem with Mr. Moreau. She is grateful for all of her teachers for “forming her into the person [she is] today” and pushing her to do her best.

Izzy’s biggest advice is to “manage your time and stay organized” during the busy and stressful time of high school, as planning out your time can help you stay organized and eliminate stress & late night study sessions. She thanked Mr. Charron for helping her through the college process and Feehan soccer and track for being a “second family.” Izzy will be studying engineering at the University of Notre Dame through the Air Force Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program. She looks forward to meeting new people, making new memories, and attending football games.

Alexandra (“Alex”) Llamas

Alex focused academically and made some “incredible friends” at Feehan, and she “wouldn’t change a thing” if she did it over. She was a member of the String Ensemble (playing the violin), Mock Trial, Psych Club, Pre-Med Club, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, and the Varsity Tennis team. Some of her favorite teachers were Mr. Little in Latin, Mr. Peixoto, Mrs. Lavertu in AP Bio, Mr. Fasy, and Ms. Bickford in AP Lit. She also enjoyed her sophomore year history class, her senior year AP Lang class, and her sophomore year Chemistry class, where one of her favorite memories was walking into class every day listening to Mr. Crossen playing Kelly Clarkson music.

Alex is proud of Peter and herself for making the top 10 together because they both “worked very hard to get here,” and she said Peter deserves to be Tree Planter because of his consistent hard work. She advised underclassmen to try their best and not stretch themselves too thin across activities. Alex will be attending New York University (NYU) to study biology (on a pre-med track) with a minor in French. She’s excited to be in a new area and meet new people from all around the US and the world.

Sofia Montaño

Sofia’s Feehan experience was positive, with many people and things to celebrate in a “safe and supportive place to grow in faith, socially, and academically.” Some of her favorite memories were on campus because of the “incredible” Feehan community. She was a member of the theatre company, McAuley Ambassadors, the retreat team, and various clubs like Psych Club and Human Rights Club. She also dances, sings at her parish, and works at a local bakery. Sofia said that every teacher she had was amazing to look up to; some of her favorites were Sra. Harris, Ms. Bickford, Mrs. Lavertu, and Ms. Corcoran.

Sofia advises underclassmen to “build bridges, not walls” and reach out when struggling instead of shutting people out. She thanked her teachers and friends for the support they’ve given her over the course of high school. Sofia will be attending Kenyon College, where she is undecided on her major.

Molly Sullivan

Molly’s Feehan experience was memorable and “very positive, though at times a little hectic.” She will look back on it with “gratitude and joy.” Molly was a captain of the Swim Team and Varsity Tennis. She was also involved with Student Council, Jazz Choir, Special Olympics, the ‘Rock Report, and Service Trips. Some of her favorite classes were AP Psych with Ms. Corcoran, Jazz Choir with Mrs. Seals, Homeroom with Mr. Ryan, and AP Physics with Mr. Smith.

Molly’s advice to underclassmen is to “try to do as much as you can” and not to let their schoolwork stop them from “making a memory or having a fun, new experience.” She thanked her tennis team for “always being the best.” Molly will be attending the University of Notre Dame where she will be studying sociology. She looks forward to football season, meeting new people, and trying new things.

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