Music Department Takes On Great East


The Bishop Feehan Chorus performing their songs at the Great East Music Festival directed by Mrs. Seals.

Molly Sullivan

       Leaving school bright and early, both the band and chorus boarded buses and headed to the Great East Music Festival at Anna Maria College on Friday, May 27. This was a new trip for the group, and had been postponed since 2020 when they were originally planning on attending. Though not sure what to expect, the groups had prepared well and were excited about the new experience.

       Once at Anna Maria College, the band and chorus each got to perform multiple pieces from their repertoires. They received live instruction following their performances, allowing both groups to better their skills. Following their sessions, the groups were graded. The band received a gold medal for their performance, and the chorus received a platinum medal. 

       After they finished, the group was off to Six Flags New England to spend the rest of the day having some fun! The students had a wonderful time at Six Flags where they could ride their favorite rides, while running into other musicians that performed at festivals in the area. This trip proved very successful for the Feehan Music Department, and they’re already looking forward to attending again next year!