Ways to help the Ukraine


Grace Muliero

As many people know, there is currently a war going on between Ukraine and Russia. To put it simply, the Ukrainian people house a lot of immigrants from Russia. What causes the most concern is Russia’s belief that they could invade Ukraine and gain the citizens back. This ideology makes the fight not just about power, but about allowing people to keep their freedom. With this in mind, many people want to help the Ukrainian people fight for their freedom and there are many ways to do so. 

  • Donate

There are many different organizations that help Ukrainian citizens fight and stay alive during the time of war. By donating to these organizations, people can help anyone in need in the quickest way possible. 

  • Volunteer

There are many ways to volunteer and help Ukraine locally. Finding charities to help those in Ukraine come about in people’s parishes, towns and even schools. 

    • Sr. Pat Sunshine Club, has been writing letters to the children of Ukraine.
  • Respect Life Bake Sale, the respect life club has recently done a bake sale to raise money for Ukraine. 
  • Advocate 

Using voices is one of the most powerful ways to help Ukraine and get others to join in. 

  • Write a letter to your congressperson
  • Protest, join local protests that advocate for the freedom of the Ukrainian people. 
  • Social media, a very effective way to share ways to help Ukraine and inform people of the danger behind Russia’s invasion. 
  • Educate

One final thing that can be done for everyone is to simply educate. Whether that means individually or globally, the best way to help is to inform people. 

  • The Kyiv Independent, an English-language report about how the war has affected Ukraine, it’s citizens, and it’s economy. 
  • Ukraine World, a news outlet that has been capturing stories of people who work on the front lines of battle. 
  • Kyiv Post, delivers news directly from the Ukrainian government, military and other dignitaries. 

What is currently happening in Ukraine is a tragedy and a great loss of freedom. As Americans, it’s sometimes hard to wrap our heads around other countries and their political problems. However, it is completely necessary to continue to educate and inform others and ourselves of world problems. Empathy is what makes this situation so unique, the amount of people who’ve gone out of their way to help is beyond extraordinary. This is a time to show love and compassion for everyone, and when to start is now.