Student Council Sponsors a Creative and Festive Homecoming Dance

Megan Atwood

Homecoming. A time honored tradition. A party with the bright lights blinding, hearts racing, and energy running high; everyone having the time of their lives with their friends. Dances are an incredibly unique thing, that even those who hate all organized activities can enjoy themselves at. Dances connect a whole school community. 

Even though this year wasn’t exactly like most homecomings of the past, it was special, arguably even more so because of how different it was. COVID prevented the students from having a homecoming dance last year, making the whole student body realize how much they had missed it. They hadn’t gotten to experience the entire school cheering, watch their sports teams walk out, or go with them. There were no skits, no cheer performances, and no big homecoming day football game. Lucky’s costume was left, lying in the closet, all alone.

Then the dust cleared, and we got to experience it once again, thanks to our amazing student council, as well as those in charge. Mr. Ryan and Mrs. Dowd had been the support of the student council, behind them at every step. 

Student Council did a great job planning the whole event, especially with a 1 less week than usual to organize with. They  started in June, and the senior class having the final decision on choosing the spirit day theme for decades. The skits are something the classes all take seriously, with planning also starting around June for most classes, besides the incoming freshman class. Any deals with vendors are also done around then, as they need time to prepare. One thing that had been a major struggle to deal with was the location, according to Co-moderator Mrs. Dowd.

“We knew we didn’t want to try to hold the dance inside the gym as we have in the past because it just gets so hot and crowded in there, and being required to wear masks when dancing in a sweaty gym with 800 of your closest friends is nobody’s idea of a good time.” Dowd says.  

After a while, they had finally received permission to hold the dance on the tennis courts, which the entire student body had appreciated. There was no need for masks, and more room to breathe. Dowd also says in regards to continued relocation of the dance, “It’s something we could definitely look into keeping in the future.”

The dance had been one of the most filled dances in the last few years with over 90% of students in attendance. There were many who were missing out on the thrill of seeing their friends and  having fun together.

The stands at the homecoming football game were filled with not just students, but whole families as well. “Feehan has really embraced Homecoming Day in its fullness,” Dowd says, “with the Athletics office scheduling additional games on Homecoming day and the Advancement office organizing little activities at the Homecoming game. This really makes it a fun and festive experience for families, who are encouraged to linger and celebrate Feehan all day.” Feehan is more than just a regular school, and we pride ourselves on it. As Mr. Svenson had said at the pep rally, “Feehan is the greatest place in the world.” That’s shown through how close our community is, and how strongly we support each other.

We have every sport show off their teams, and walk out as teammates. They’re fully in the moment and confident, with their favorite music playing and supporters all around them.