Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Little

Katelyn Messier, Staff Writer

The idea of being able to communicate in another language has always fascinated Mr. Neil Little, who is in his 23rd year of teaching in the World Language department here at Feehan. In high school, Mr. Little studied French and Latin, the former being the first foreign language he ever learned, which is why he now has a preference for teaching it. He continued his love for foreign language at University of Rhode Island, where he had a very positive four years, picking up the language of Spanish as well. Additionally, Mr. Little enjoys traveling, his favorite places including France, Ireland, and Montreal, where he feels that he can be fully immersed in the culture.

In the classroom, Mr. Little tries his best to find things that capture the imagination of students with “real stuff” pertaining to the language, such as videos, broadcasts, films, and music. His main goal is to erase the fear that people have of the language they’re learning, and he is happy to be fulfilling that goal here at Feehan. “Life happens, and it will happen again” is one of Mr. Little’s personal mottos, as he encourages us to not be upset or afraid when life does not go to plan. Mr. Little’s constant encouragement and never-ending advice serves as a light in every student’s journey who has the privilege of having him as a teacher.