Poem of the Month


“Dust of Snow” by Robert Frost.

Karianna Cabral, Staff Writer

The poem of the month is “Dust of Snow” by Robert Frost. This short poem is the perfect poem of the month for the upcoming winter season! The poem focuses on the positive change of feeling and mood that the speaker experiences with the approaching winter season. The speaker faced this change of mood when a crow, from a tree above them, shook freshly fallen snow down onto them. The speaker’s mood then appears to instantly change in a good way, as they feel much more relieved and see aspects of the crow, nature, and snow as positive.
Frost’s poem contains the theme of connecting humans and nature with optimistic emotions. The message that small changes can make a big impact can also be seen in this poem since the small change of the crow shaking snow from the tree onto the speaker brings them a happy change of mood.

For the upcoming winter season, it is important to remember that positive things and gestures, no matter how small, can be seen in negative situations, and make big changes for others and ourselves.