Teacher Spotlight : Ms. Schmidt


Emma Fitzgerald

Ms. Schmidt and Valerie Capalbo

Valerie Capalbo

Ms. Schmidt has taken on many roles over the nine years she has been working at Feehan. As the Studio A, Studio B, and AP art teacher as well as the Coach of Winter and Spring track, she has touched the lives of many Feehan students and athletes. Everyone who knows Ms. Schmidt only has good things to say about her, and her positive and happy attitude puts everyone around her in a good mood.

 A Feehan grad herself, Ms. Schmidt was inspired by the art teachers that she had, to pursue her love of art and combine that with her love of teaching to become an art teacher herself. As an art teacher, Ms. Schmidt enjoys lessons that allow her students to have a choice in the way they approach the project to create diverse outcomes. Ms. Schmidt has already had a profound effect on enhancing the art department at Feehan, and she will be starting an AP Art History class next year. 

After teaching many different art classes in Doran all day long, Ms. Schmidt’s day doesn’t end at 2:20pm. It’s then that she changes roles from teacher to coach and ventures down to the track. As a Feehan track record holder herself, Ms. Schmidt is the real deal and uses her knowledge of the sport to help bring the team to the next level. Her love of the sport is apparent and her encouraging nature brings out the best in all aspiring athletes. 

Over her years at Feehan, Ms. Schmidt has made many fond memories from seeing the first class she had as freshman graduate as seniors to watching the girls 4×4 team break a school record in 2021. Feehan students past and present who have gotten to know Ms. Schmidt personally can all agree that their high school experience would not have been the same without her.