The Class of 2022

Kate DeVincent

The Class of 2022 getting ready to enjoy their Blizzard treats (Mrs. Doliber)
The Class of 2022 Student Council Class Officers (Mrs. Doliber)

It has been a difficult four years for the class of 2022. Between Covid-19 and various challenges, they have had to deal with many hardships: however, after interviewing a few seniors, I found out just how amazing these four years really were for them. 

First I interviewed Maia Kraskouskas who offered some advice and a reflection on her high school experience. She advised underclassmen to start their college applications early. When they begin to get caught up in their academics and extracurriculars, they will forget about college and it will all be left to the last minute. Maia encourages you to save yourself some stress and get applications done early. When reflecting on her high school experience she said that people are always going to judge you, but you need to overlook them and know that it is more of a reflection on them rather than you.

Next, I interviewed Karoline Brechter, who gave similar advice to Maia; even if you have no idea what you want to do as a future career, you should start preparing for college early. You should start researching, building a resume, and applying for scholarships. She reflected on her high school career by saying, as a transfer student, it was hard especially during the pandemic; however, for Karoline, the best decision was to come to Bishop Feehan. She found her best friends and would not trade them for the world. She also found her career path in music and the performing arts.

Finally, Liz McCormick shared an inspiring reflection about her high school experience.  She said, “My high school experience seems almost completely like a blur. As long as the school days dragged out, it feels like I have just attended my first day of freshman orientation only moments ago. I never really agreed with people when they told me that high school goes by so fast. I hope that I can take advantage of the next four years in a new way.”