The College Bowl

Lydia Nassef

Gina Simoneau

On Thursday, September 30, Bishop Feehan High School held its annual College Bowl for Homecoming Week. This cherished tradition is anticipated each year, and was unable to take place as an entire school last year. However, this year the school was able to gather as a whole and cheer on classmates and colleagues. During the first round, the sophomore class beat the freshmen in a landslide. The second round ended in a similar fashion: the juniors “suffered a horrendous, appalling loss to the seniors,” commented junior contestant Jack Toncelli. The final student round was marked by cheers from all grades supporting both the sophomore and senior class representatives. Though the seniors fought a triumphant fight, the sophomore class ultimately won round three. However, the sophomores were no match for the teachers, with the faculty giving the sophomores a taste of their own medicine in yet another landslide. This year’s College Bowl was fun, full of enthusiasm, and bursting with class spirit!