Dear Lucky

Dear Lucky

Alexis Ombati

Dear Lucky,

Can we expect to have a white Christmas this year?


Snowy Sympathizer

Hi Snowy Sympathizer,

Although I am no weather meteorologist, I do have a good friend called the internet to help me answer your rigorous questions. The latest Accuweather update  in Massachusetts says that the chances of snow fall short to below average on Christmas day. Most of the state also has a steady 25-50% chance of snow but according to the Accuweather map, western Mass has a higher chance of 50-75%. Although this news may not be the most optimistic “Yes!” for snow, we are, from Accuweather’s research in the La Niña phase. This time phase causes especially more precipitation in the north, so there are fair chances you could see snow this Christmas rather than rain. I anticipate this information answers your expectations and I hope as we get closer to Christmas there will be definitely more chances for snow!

Happy Holidays!

Lucky 🙂