Club Spotlight : The Respect Life Ministry


Jacob Aragao

Caitlin Brawley and Mrs. Kelly at the Respect Life Ministry table at Open House

Caitlin Brawley

The Respect Life Ministry Club Marching for Life last year
Caitlin Brawley ’22 and Savannah Blanchard ’21 showing the diaper collection from the Respect Life Ministry Club

With the real start of the school year underway, clubs and extracurricular activities are really
getting going! One group that is very excited to be up and running again in the rebranded
Respect Life Ministry (formerly Pro Life Club)!
With COVID interrupting the March For Life last year, all the club was able to do was a
miniature March around the school, but as both the writer of this article and the President of the
Ministry, I am happy to announce that the Diocese of Fall River is hosting a much larger March
at La Salette Shrine right here in Attleboro! It will be on January 21st, 2022, right after the
stressful times of midterms. I think it will be a great escape for anyone looking to get outside,
gather with friends and come together for a great cause!
The Ministry will also be having the first bake sale since COVID on December 10th in the
cafeteria, with all proceeds going to Abundant Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Attleboro.
For anyone who is interested in learning more about the March, wanting to join the Ministry
or help with the bake sale, meetings are held on Monday mornings at 7:10am, room 201!
Classroom code- 7uau7ft