Dear Lucky

Dear Lucky

Elle Yurkstas

Dear Lucky,

What can I do to fill up my time when I feel lonely?


Dear Student,

In many times of my life I have felt lonely, some at my worst and some at my best. I feel alone when I am looking for someone to text me back, or when I’m in a group of friends and they talk over me. Being lonely isn’t something you can shake off. You’ll feel like that from when you are a child to when you’re old and grey. It is surprising that we all share loneliness yet nobody really talks about ways to combat it. The best thing I’ve found for myself when no one is there is to move away from the thing that everyone is so attached to; your phone. I know this has been said by everyone and but it’s incredibly hard to remove yourself from that. Your phone is where your vulnerability lurks and without it, even for me, I find myself drawn back to it now and again. But really, when I’m lonely, I try to take myself away from my phone and do something else, whether that’s bugging my siblings, writing, reading, or just watching a movie (not on an iPad but on your tv)… These are just what I’ve noticed worked for me and I hope you try it out sometime!