Return to Feehan


Molly Sullivan

Last school year, most of the things that people know and love about Feehan were not able to happen due to COVID. They lost football games, dances, and countless other activities that really make the Feehan experience so special. With the start of the 2021-2022 school year, there has already been an immense change in the spirit among the students about all things Feehan. 

There have been super large student sections at all the home football games led by the Feehan Fanatics. Each week, students have gone all out for the themes, really letting their school spirit shine through. From Hawaiian to pink-out, there have been some awesome costumes and outfits that show so much enthusiasm. Being unable to watch the games last year has made everyone much more excited and grateful for the ability to show up to McGrath Stadium on Friday nights. 

Likely one of the things that people missed the most last year were the dances. Only a little over a month into the school year, there has already been the Homecoming Dance, which was a huge hit! Unlike other years, students danced under the stars while listening and singing along with the music on the tennis courts. This new location was loved by many students because it was a lot more comfortable than the usual sweaty gym. Selling over 1,000 tickets, the Homecoming Dance was just one more way that Feehan students have shown that they are all in for this school year. 

So many other things have shown the extra school spirit that students are putting in this year. Homecoming Week festivities, volleyball games, and rallies are some more examples of ways that Feehan students are coming together like never before. Though people may feel that this year isn’t the “normal” Feehan that they wanted, they are seeing that things don’t have to be perfectly “normal” for students to enjoy themselves and make the Bishop Feehan memories that will last a lifetime.