Suppress the Stress

with Teddy and Gromit


Karianna Cabral

Teddy and Gromit bring comfort and joy to the Suppress the Stress Club

Karianna Cabral

The Suppress the Stress Club photo credit : Karianna Cabral
Teddy visiting Washington D.C. photo credit : The Brown family archives
Teddy on his way to help photo credit : The Brown family archives
Suppressing the Stress photo credit : The Brown family archives

Bishop Feehan High School consists of many clubs and activities to join.  Among these clubs is one where every time you go, you will leave with a smile on your face.  This club is the Suppress the Stress club.  You may be asking yourself what this club is all about.  Well, the Suppress the Stress club holds their meetings every second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Here, everyone is welcome to join Teddy and Gromit, who are two very amazing, sweet service dogs and K9 first responders. The dogs can help you if you are feeling down or stressed.  Caleigh Brown, a Bishop Feehan student in the class of ‘23, trained both dogs and got them certified as K9 first responders and service dogs.  While visiting a meeting, Caleigh and her family informed me about how amazing Teddy and Gromit really are!  These dogs are specialized in helping people who witness something traumatic.  Some tasks for Teddy and Gromit include visiting police and firemen funerals, going to schools after shootings, and going to prisons to help the staff after an uprising.  The most recent trip was for Teddy, when he visited Washington D.C. after many police died during a raid.  Here, Teddy comforted the capitol’s police and military who were experiencing trauma.  If you are interested in learning more about Teddy and Gromit or you want to go somewhere to relieve your stress, I highly suggest visiting the Suppress the Stress Club.