Homecoming Themes

Alexis Ombati

The ’80s with the Class of ’22
The Fabulous ’50s with our freshmen
Sophomore Friends

A spirited tradition during homecoming at Feehan is the overall student body theme to ring in the Homecoming week. This year’s student body theme was decades, which gave the opportunity for each class to reflect upon an era in the past or perhaps even the future. Each class decided to choose a different type of decade in the 1900’s. The freshman sporting poodle skirts, leather jackets and sideburns portrayed the 1950’s. The sophomores clearly have a love for cd’s and blockbuster movies did the 1990’s. The juniors who like to get their disco on rendered the 1970’s decade. Finally the seniors with their favorite bright neon colors sported a 1980’s theme. Feehan had two competitions this year to see which class showed the most spirit with their theme and also a TAG day to dress up in clothes from your decade. The always favored hall decorating of your themes was quite a win for the seniors. With a little creative thinking and some art supplies the halls overall had everything from vintage cars, cassette tapes, the show “Friends”, Pacman, and many other aspects of the decades. The homecoming skits at the highly anticipated return of the rally were quite showstoppers for the crowd. Each class with a couple talented actors from the student body portrayed their theme with a fun skit full of dance and music for all to enjoy.