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Movies to Watch This Fall

Read more for a list and synopsis of some of the best fall based movies that will get anyone ready for falling leaves and colder temperatures.
Grace Muliero

As the fall season approaches, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and watching a movie. To keep up the feeling of falling leaves and apple cider doughnuts, here is a list of some of my favorite Halloween and fall-themed movies that will get you excited to feel the chilly wind and the crunch of fallen leaves. 


Beetlejuice is a true Halloween classic. It features Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as ghosts of the recently deceased, Winona Ryder as reluctant teenage daughter Lydia Deets who’s moved into the home of the deceased, the legendary Micheal Keaton as Beetlejuice himself, and many other great actors that fill the screen with their outstanding performances. Beetlejuice has risen to great fame, now there is even a musical version of this classic playing all around the country. Watch this masterpiece if you want a fun show for the whole family that involves a 🪲 and some 🧃. 


The Adams Family (1991) is based on the sitcom show from the 60s of the same name and features the same quirky family that most of us know and love. Wednesday Addams, who now has her own TV show, is the torture-friendly daughter who often inflicts all her pain on her brother Pugsley. Then there are the happy couple Mortician and Gomez Addams who are proud of their children and their healthy relationship. Lurch, Grandma, and Thing also walk about the house. However, the whole family is turned inside out when Gomez’s brother, Fester, appears back at home after being presumed lost. Watch this family-friendly movie to find out more about what happens. 


Halloweentown,  as the title suggests, is a movie revolving around Halloweentown, a fictional town where all kinds of Halloween shenanigans occur. Marnie is supposed to be one of the residents of Halloweentown because she is a witch, but it isn’t until her 13th birthday that her whole past and powers come into full use. With the help of her younger brother and sister, Marnie embarks on a journey in Halloweentown to stop evil and connect more with her mother and grandmother. Watch this movie if you want a day in to sit around with some cookies and cocoa and just relax from the world


Scream is a true slasher classic from its iconic opening scene involving the effervescent Drew Barrymore to the deliberate calling of horror movie tropes and the avoidance of copying these mistakes is what makes Scream a watch. Sidney Prescott is our protagonist with a lot hidden underneath the surface besides the usual secrets of a teen girl. She along with her friends and the whole community watches as a masked, ghost face killer goes around town and slowly begins to murder everyone Sidney knows. Watch this 90s classic and possibly its subsequent films if you want a fun yet still bloody horror. 


Hocus Pocus is my personal number one and an iconic movie. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are the best comedic trio who make everyone laugh while still playing an ominous role throughout the movie. Watch as these three witches come back to life as part of a spell cast nearly 400 years previous in order for the three to gain absolute youth and live forever. As the modern world gets to these women, Dani, Allison, and Max try to stop these witches alongside the cursed cat Binx. Watch this Disney classic if you want a night or afternoon of lighthearted and nostalgic fun. 


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Grace Muliero
Grace Muliero, Editor-in-Chief/Staff Writer
Grace is a senior at Bishop Feehan High School and this is her fourth and final year writing for the ‘Rock Report. She takes part in many activities on campus including theater, STEM Club and Sr. Pat Sunshine Club. While on her off days, Grace enjoys reading, baking and sewing. Grace is thrilled to be serving as Editor-in-Chief for the ‘Rock Report during the 2023-24 school year.

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