Class of 2025 : Student Council Candidates


Molly Sullivan, Staff Writer/Multimedia Editor

Below is information about the Class of 2025 Student Council candidates, submitted by each candidate.


Candidate 1: Samantha Cross  

Student’s Voices Today Are The Actions of Tomorrow.

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

I recently was a director for the student one acts, which required a lot of leadership. I also work as a camp counselor which requires leadership for the kids I look after.


I am very detail oriented, I pay attention to aspects others may not. I have been in leadership positions before and have experience in organizing certain events. I am also a good listener, and will listen to those around me.

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

I plan to represent students and their wants. I believe if I were elected to council I could help make dances more exciting to the majority of the students at Feehan by listening and incorporating feedback they have. I think listening to student feedback on certain events is critical in improving the social community at feehan.


Candidate 2: Adrianna DaRosa  

A Candidate Who Cares

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

– Student council at Feehan (grades 9 and 10)

– McAuley Ambassador (grade 10)


– I am very outgoing and passionate.

– I am determined when working to complete tasks for student council.

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– To create more events to bring classmates together

–  To bring more engagement in spirit weeks like Homecoming week.

-To connect with the student body on their opinions and provide polls or questions for them to respond.


Candidate 3: Rohit De  

A leader for us all.”

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

– President of the Class of 2025 for two years (2021-2023)

– BFHS Robotics co-captain (2022-present)


– responsible, organized planner who stays on top of things

– effective communicator

– hardworking leader who is dedicated to Student Council

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– I will help lead a fun and successful Prom for our junior class.

– I will work to make our junior year even better than our sophomore year.


Candidate 4: Sulaf Hourani    

She will stitch with you!

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

2 years of HS student council experience,

McAuley ambassador

Captain of my  synchronized swimming team


Organized, open minded, creative

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

give everyone a voice, more student council run activities such as field days, more charity directed tag days


Candidate 5: Owen Kobs  

A voice for all, a champion for you

[email protected]

Snapchat: o_kobs2021 

Instagram: kobs.inator

Leadership Experience: 

5 years in Boy Scout leadership positions

1 year in Student Council leadership

Twice enrolled in a National Youth Leadership Training program





Goals/Why I want to serve: 

Create a fun and sustainable environment for the students to enjoy

Connect faculty and students

Lower tuition prices


Candidate 6: Aidan Neary     

Non Ducor, Duco

[email protected]

Instagram: neary_aidan

Leadership Experience: 

Altar Server

Homeroom Representative

North Cumberland Cross Country Captain


Relatability— I am a member of many different communities here at Feehan and this allows me to get many perspectives on different issues.

Communication— As a member of student council, and as a person, I want to talk to you! Bring your ideas to me and I will do my best to have them implemented.

Accountability— I try to be accountable to myself, however, if I do something out of line, I encourage you to call me out on it.

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

  1. I would like to bridge the divide between the student body and its athletes. An idea is to announce game results and key players over the morning announcements.
  2. As a school we have great school spirit, however I think it would be great if we can find a way to increase fan attendance at away games.


Candidate 7: Tyler Rose  

Sailing towards a better future.

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

– I am a part of the theater company at Bishop Feehan. Although I mainly act, I often help out building the sets as well. This demonstrates one of my abilities to work with others.

– I babysit for multiple families. This demonstrates my strong communication skills with both adults and children.


– I have strong communication and listening skills.

– I work well with others and I am always happy to listen to everyone’s ideas.

– I am very organized both inside and outside of school.

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– I would like to help keep the welcoming environment at Bishop Feehan alive, especially to the incoming freshman.

– I would like to increase student participation in school activities.

– I would like to promote both student wellness and mental health.


Candidate 8: Emma Roveda    

Vote for Emma She’ll Fix your Dilemma!

[email protected]

Instagram: @emma_roveda

Leadership Experience: 

-Homeroom Representative at BFHS

-Student Council President at North Attleboro Middle School

-School Communications Director


-Positive Attitude



Goals/Why I want to serve: 

-Get even more students involved in the events and activities throughout the school year

-Involve student council in events and programs for transfer students to feel more welcomed at Bishop Feehan

-Include Freshman and Sophmore in the mid-year Winter Ball


Candidate 9: Avary Serpa  

Dive into Success

[email protected]

Snapchat: @avaryserpa

Leadership Experience: 

– Over 5 years of student council experience, including being a homeroom representative at Bishop Feehan and attending SEMASC Conferences

– McAuley Ambassador leading and speaking at school events

– Weekly teaching children and adults with disabilities how to swim


– Strong communication skills and a confident public speaker

– Friendly and approachable, a great listener

– Committed and filled with school spirit

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– Creating more forms of communication between the Student Council and students: using google classroom to have an anonymous suggestion form and announcing meeting minutes or updates

– Increasing school spirit, especially for sports teams: announcing wins over the intercom and bringing more students to games

– Adding and better promoting school events run by Student Council: food truck day, dances and charity drives


Candidate 10: Katherine Zhang  

“Let’s Make a Difference”

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

-One year student council experience

-Volunteer leader- Presidential Volunteer Service Award




-Strong Communication & Listening Skills

Goals/Why I want to serve:

-Give students more opportunities to voice their concerns about school issues

-Address these concerns and come up with solutions as a group

-Increase participation in school events by listening to feedback & new ideas