Class of 2026 : Student Council Candidates


Molly Sullivan, Staff Writer/Multimedia Editor


Below is information about the Class of 2026 Student Council candidates, submitted by each candidate.


Candidate 1: Sofiana Azzouz  

Your Ideas. Your Voice. Your Choice.

[email protected]

Leadership Experience

– Served on SMS middle school STUCO 2022.

– Served as a class officer of freshman class 2023 STUCO.


– I intend to use this spot to improve the experience of each and every sophomore.

– I will stop at nothing to use these skills to help all of you achieve your goals with the school this year. I will never hesitate to work vigorously to help a fellow classmate.

– By casting your ballot in my favor, I will help students express their ideas, and form a sense of openness between the student body and the school council.

Goals/Why I want to serve

– I will make sure every sophomore feels heard.

– I will stop at nothing to make the 2023-34 school year fun and engaging.

– Help organize many more engaging events and activities to keep the class active.


Candidate 2: Alexander Bove    

My ears, your voice.

[email protected]

Leadership Experience

I am a former member of the National Junior Honor Society.

I have completed the Boy Scouts of America’s weeklong National Youth Leadership Training program.

I took martial arts leadership classes for several years.


I have a firm resolve, but am always willing to listen to feedback.

I act strongly in the interests of those whom I represent.

I believe in the value of hard work, and am willing to perform it.

Goals/Why I want to serve

I will poll students for the events that they would like planned and how they want me to act as a member of the student council.

I shall make the student council organized, thoroughly planning all activities and sending timely communications.

I will make myself available for any student or group that seeks to discuss ideas.


Candidate 3: Meghan Linehan  

Don’t be a Dum Dum vote for Meghan

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

Previous officer of the student council, camp CIT


Loyal friend, responsible inside, and out of school, respectful to peers and adults.

Goals/Why I want to serve

make our school a better place, bringing everyone out of their shy bubble, and helping make new friends for everyone.


Candidate 4: Annie Mackinaw  

The Future is Bright!

[email protected]

Instagram: Anniemack123 

Snapchat: Anniemackinaw25

Leadership Experience

– Current Vice President of the Class of 2026

-Vice president of NJHS as St. Mary’s Mansfield

– Represented BFHS at multiple SEMASC leadership conferences.


– Creativity

– Perseverance

– Integrity

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– Expand student body involvement within student council.

– Enhance organization for student council run events, such as the Homecoming skit.

– Improve communication throughout Bishop Feehan via the morning announcements.


Candidate 5: Bridgette McGinnis  

Be a star and vote for Bridgette – open to new ideas

[email protected]

Snapchat: bmcginnis_2008

Leadership Experience:

 – former class president

– karate leadership class

– leadership award for 8th grade field hockey team


– great listener

– will talk to anyone

– willing to experience new things and new ideas

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– share more with the student body: have better communication with my classmate so no one is confused about school events

– do everything we can to make school events open, inclusive, and fun!

– help the freshman feel welcome in feehan and honor the seniors as they are leaving


Candidate 6: Maria Pallapotula  

Coming together for Hope, Change, and Progress

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

– A Class Representative/Member of Student Council 2022-2023

– A leader/teacher at my Church CCD classes

– Organized a fundraiser for the ASDC


– I am punctual

– I am determined

– I am confident

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

– A google form sent out at the end of every month that students can fill out with any goals or complaints

– Having more voices heard and people represented

– Allowing Homeroom Reps to take on a bigger and more inclusive role


Candidate 7: Xyden A Procaccianti  

Vote for Xyden, your voice of change.

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

Previous Member of the National Junior Honor Society.


Leading student projects.


I am communicative, and capable of relaying ideas and directions to others.

I can function as an authority while still being friendly and calm.

I am goal oriented.

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

Encourage more attention to the environment.

A more communicative student body.

More fundraising events.


Candidate 8: Conner Rachwal  

stand among you, speak with you, win for you

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

Student council president SMSH 2022

Class president feehan 2022

Leader of my clan in clash of clans


public speaking, problem solving, dedication to job

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

continue to try to give student council some authority over dress down days, increase student say on topics that affect them and voice the opinions of my class to the council.


Candidate 9: Ananyaa Sunil  

Change begins with you!

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

I’ve been on the National Junior Honor Society where I aided in organizing fundraisers and volunteering for the community. I’ve also been on Student Council before, where we also organized fundraisers and events.


I have strong communication skills and problem-solving abilities. I’m also passionate toward making positive change in my community.

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

If I’m elected to Student Council, I would like to increase the amount of fundraisers held. I would also like to increase the number of TAG days as well, to promote student participation in fundraising. On Student Council, I would also like to make the school sweaters more tentative, according to the weather, so that students can feel a bit more comfortable.


Candidate 10: Rishi Verma  

A Brighter Future

[email protected]

Leadership Experience: 

student council at my last school and led student projects


I make clear goals, and I figure out effective ways of reaching those goals

Goals/Why I want to serve: 

another school dance, more tag days