Feehan Robotics Builds ID Sensing Robots


Lydia Nassef

Feehan Robotics ID robot.

Lydia Nassef, Co-Editor In Chief/Staff Writer

Bishop Feehan Robotics has just recently designed a robot that has the capability to patrol Feehan’s hallways and sound an alarm whenever it detects that a student is not wearing an ID. These robots have ultra-sensitive sensors that activate sirens up to 100 decibels as well as bright red strobe lights. The sirens alternate between an ordinary alarm and a recording of Vice Principal Mr. Svendsen’s voice exclaiming “get to my office. Now!” These robots will patrol all the halls of Bishop Feehan High School. Feehan Robotics will be building seven robots, one for each floor of the main building, the cafeteria, the LC, the second floor of Mercy, and Doran. 

Students have expressed great grievances with the addition of these robots, concerned with the intensity of the sirens and the fact that robots are taking on Mr. Svendsen’s responsibilities. However, Feehan Robotics is glad to take this weight off of Mr. Svendsen’s shoulders. Robotics Captain Jack Toncelli ‘23 stated, “it was Mr. Svendsen who had the ingenious idea in the first place, and I’m glad Robotics could bring his incredible imagination to fruition. It’s an honor, truly.”

However, Feehan Robotics acknowledges the limits of these robots, pictured above. Since they unfortunately are hindered by their wheels and lack of speed, Robotics is in the process of developing drones. These would not only would be able to detect whether or not students are wearing lanyards, but would be able to detect whether students are wearing sweaters under fleeces as well. Robotics Coach Mrs. Gomez declined to comment on this matter.