Bishop Feehan Teachers Relentlessly Prepare for Upcoming Student-Faculty Basketball Game


Acid Pix

A basketball hoop.

Lydia Nassef, Co-Editor In Chief/Staff Writer

Bishop Feehan’s spring rally is coming up in just two short weeks, and our faculty team is tirelessly, diligently preparing for the student-faculty basketball game. Let’s check out what an average Tuesday night has been looking like for the faculty team recently:

Mr. Kelly is sitting on the floor with several candles lit, meditating and reading Walt Whitman to train his mind for the mental battle the game will inevitably be. He will sleep with a copy of The Great Gatsby under his pillow every night until the game for some extra moral support from F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Mr. Charron, on the other hand, has taken a more physical route of preparation for the game. On an average night, he can be seen using the Innovation Center construction site as an American Ninja Warrior style obstacle course, leaping from beam to beam.

Coach Dolores, a seasoned pro in basketball, is confident in the faculty’s ability to dominate the match. Her nights consist of intently studying film and drawing up plays for her team, exhibiting leadership like no other. 

Mr. King and Ms. Curry have been practicing their basketball skills as well, training both mentally and physically for the challenge. On Tuesday nights they can be seen cultivating and improving their superb shooting skills with Mr. King’s bouncy ball and recycling bin basketball hoop in room 207. They have seen incredible improvement with this method.

Get excited for the game, as it’s just right around the corner. If you can’t make it in person, be on the lookout for a 4K documentary of every second of the match that will be posted on Ms. Bickford’s tinsta story as the game progresses live. Go shamrocks!!