Change in Proms



Prom will be stepped up this year as Feehan trades a night at the stadium for a night at the (cow) races.

Grace Muliero, Resident Dairy Farmer

As April 29th comes closer, so do the plans and extra details of the very special day that is Prom. However, this year it won’t be the same as it has been in the past. Feehan’s coveted spot at Gillette Stadium has been forfeited to the Taylor Swift is oh so Absolutely Amazing and Awesome Fan Club (more popularly known as the “swifties”) in preparation for her string of shows in late May. Due to this, Feehan can no longer host their prom at this beautiful venue. 

Recently, Feehan has announced that they have booked a location at Hill Valley Farms in Moovile, MA (check out their website- which does actually work- here). This beautiful location is set on a dairy farm, and you certainly can get the whole experience while there! The venue offers very hands-on opportunities, and the Feehan Prom will feature many of these. Alongside the traditional Photo Booth will be a cow milking station. Students will learn the power of dairy by making their own cheese, an exclusive process offered by the farm. Finally, the students will enjoy a night of dancing in the barn where live cow band The Mooooooos will tug at your heart stings. Students are just riveted about this niche event.


“I truly am excited for the opportunity to have education mixed in with all the fun!”


“Really… a cow farm.”




“We here at Hill Valley Farms are so excited for the Feehan Students to be joining us and we hope that everyone has a memorable experience.”


Join us on this wonderful adventure as it is sure to be a night filled with the best memories, moos and methane. 


AD: 3/31
Meet the cows! The group of these cows are working hard to make Prom night special. (Oast House Archive )