MrBeast to Visit Feehan


Grace Muliero

Look it’s him!

Annalise Karamas, Staff Writer

 After almost 4 years of being on a rigorous and long waitlist, Bishop Feehan High school is finally qualified to enter into the “MrBeast School Funding Program”, where MrBeast himself will be visiting small Catholic schools in the Massachusetts area to donate over 1 million dollars to small schools. MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is an American YouTuber and philanthropist. Due to his Catholic and Massachusetts upbringing, Jimmy highly relates to the moral values and principles of Bishop Feehan High School at a spiritual level. In a quote from CNN, Jimmy says, “Bishop Feehan High School is so cool to me! The fact that they have a pool on the roof, and a math team is so cool!! I wish I went there when I was in high school!” MrBeast‘s visitation date is not fully confirmed yet, as they still need to figure out logistics with Jimmy landing his private jet on top of the school roof. (He had originally planned on driving over in his Lamborghini, but due to the current Feehan parking situation, no spots are currently available). They had previously considered parking the jet on top of the main building, but found that the roof pool did not allow enough room for the jet to land. There is speculation of them landing on The ‘Rock roof, but this may just be rumors. We asked a couple of Feehan students to give their opinions on MrBeast‘s visitation:


“Mr beast, Who’s that? I think my younger brother watches him.”

  • Nina Medeiros, class of ‘24



  • Ella Karamas, class of ‘25


“Jimmy signed my elbow when he visited Ursuline a couple months ago, I got it tattooed. Do you want to see?”

  • Addie Charlton, class of ‘25


“Aren’t helicopters bad for the environment or something?”

  • Grace Muliero, class of ‘24, head of STEM club.


“Wish it was Taylor swift.”

  • group of senior girls


Though the comments from the student body are mixed, the overall opinion is quite ecstatic for this fun visit. Keep an eye on the skies, Jimmy’s visit could be any day now!