Bishop Feehan’s Big Dig


Group shows location of new tunnel to Doran.

Molly Sullivan, Staff Writer/Multimedia editor

    Plans were just published revealing Bishop Feehan’s next big construction project: a tunnel to Doran. After years of complaints from students about their frigid walks to and from class each day, the administration has finally decided to solve this serious issue. Ground will be broken next fall, with hopes to have the tunnel functioning by September 2024. 

       This project will finally put to rest some of the problems that have been arising thanks to the treacherous Doran walks students face each day. From backpacks getting soaked in the rain to Sperry’s getting ruined by the winter slush, this tunnel will bring about many positive solutions. One Junior even shed a few tears while reading the announcement, knowing that his time at Feehan will be over before getting to experience this wonderful addition, and that he’ll have to trudge to and from class for another whole year.

       Thanks to the generosity of past students who experienced the pain of a Doran walk, this project is fully funded by alumni donations. The underclassmen and staff of Feehan are greatly looking forward to a warmer and drier future for the whole school community!