Ms. Willis’s Second Novel Debut: “Strange Arithmetic”

Katelyn Messier, Staff Writer

Although Kerrin Willis had always dreamed of becoming an author one day, she fell into the passion of teaching, feeling that it was her only way to express her love of books while making a living. Instead of putting her dreams behind her, Ms. Willis published her first book Iron and Fire last March while still being an English teacher here at Bishop Feehan High School. Following the success of her first book, Ms. Willis is yet again living out her writing dreams as her second historical fiction book, Strange Arithmetic, will be available starting March 21st.

From a young age, Ms. Willis has adored reading historical fiction, which now blends into her writing. Choosing to become a novelist who focuses on writing in this area felt “natural” to her, as she believes it’s a world that’s different from ours but not too different, where possibilities are endless. Ms. Willis’s experience as an author has been an exciting one, as she often finds inspiration from anything, rushing to copy it down in order to not lose the idea. She finds time to write whenever she is free: at home, in the middle of the night, in the car, and even at her kids’ practices. Something that has always been important to Ms. Willis’s writing is having a strong female protagonist, as she believes that strong women

have always existed, sometimes their stories just didn’t get written down.

— Ms. Willis

Here at Feehan, Ms. Willis enjoys teaching the course of novel writing, where she believes her students help teach her as much as she teaches them.

You can catch Ms. Willis at An Unlikely Story on March 21st or at Old Colony History Museum on March 25th, where she will be promoting her highly anticipated second novel, Strange Arithmetic.