Activity Ideas for February Break

Karianna Cabral and Fiona McCally

February break for many of us means a week of relaxing and taking a well deserved break from school, but it can sometimes become dull if we have nothing to do. For those who have no plans for the week off, you might find yourself spending hours trying to find something to do and maybe even feel bored throughout the day. Although looking at your phone or other devices for long periods of time seems tempting, here are some more ideas for you to spend break:

Baking/Cooking: If you’re looking for something to do this break, try baking or cooking. That might mean baking something new, or even cooking dinner for yourself, but whatever that entails, take some time to make something. Baking or cooking new dishes can help you branch out of your comfort zone, and help you expand your food pallet. Along with baking or cooking, trying new foods or dishes in general can help diversify your taste, while it can also help reduce any boredom you might experience.

Spending time outside: As the weather begins to warm up, it gives us the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and spend time outside. Whether that means taking a walk around your neighborhood, having a picnic with friends or family, or even going for a bike ride, going outside can help to reduce stress. Not only is spending time outdoors a stress reliever, it can also keep you entertained. Finding activities to do outside is endless, and some examples of taking advantage of the warm weather might include playing outdoor sports, jogging or walking around your neighborhood, or even going to the beach!

Reading a new book: Many of us have a long list of books we wish to read, so February break is the perfect time to enjoy a new book! Whether the genre is romance, comedy, drama, or mystery, reading a good book is a perfect way to enjoy February break in a relaxing way. Reading can help us exercise our brain in a relaxing way by enjoying some of our favorite stories, making February break a perfect opportunity to crack open a new book.

Roller Skating or Ice Skating: A perfect way to spend time with your friends and get some exercise this upcoming break is to go skating. While roller skating is fun, ice skating is as well, and February is a perfect time to do either due to the winter weather. Both roller skating and ice skating have many fun activities and games, some being listening to music while skating, playing hockey, or even just skating with your friends for entertainment and exercise.

Stray from being bored over break by trying new baking and cooking recipes, enjoying a book, spending time outdoors, or even going skating. Whatever you may choose to do over break, make sure to enjoy yourself, relax, and enjoy time with family and friends!