Guidance Counselor Spotlight


Lydia Nassef

Mrs. Crowley in her office!

Shannon Evans, Staff Writer

The guidance department is one of the most important resources at Feehan. Your guidance counselor helps with your schedule, final exams, and college visits. During your time at Feehan, your assigned guidance counselor will help you through every aspect of your schooling up until graduation. This school year, we have a special addition to the guidance office, Mrs. Crowley!

In an interview with Mrs. Crowley, she said she wanted to become a guidance counselor because she enjoyed being able to “support students’ social and emotional well-being in school.” When starting her education journey, she didn’t know what she wanted to do and went into college as a history major and business minor. She said that she loved education but knew she didn’t want to be a teacher, leaving her to decide to become a guidance counselor. We all receive sound advice from teachers that affect our lives, and a quote Mrs. Crowley shared was, “Kids don’t care what you know, until they know that you care.” Her favorite professor told her this, which encapsulated why she decided to become a counselor and why she loves being a counselor.
One, arguably the best, part of Feehan is the community. There is always someone you can talk to at Feehan, and there are always new things to experience and new people to meet, making Mrs. Crowley pick Feehan! She said that she knew a lot of Feehan graduates during her time in college, and they spoke about how much they loved Feehan and the community it provided. After speaking with her friends that went to Feehan, she noticed what a Feehan education and experience could provide people. In the words of Mrs. Crowley, “Feehan helps build pretty awesome people; who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

After deciding to be a guidance counselor, Mrs. Crowley has realized her love for it. She loves supporting her students, and even though it is difficult for her to see her students struggle, she believes in them and knows they can persevere- with the help of good counseling! When meeting with students, Mrs. Crowley’s goal is to check in on students and their mental health. There are stressors in everyday life, and she finds it the most important to make space and comfort for all students to share how they are doing.

To get to know our new addition to the guidance department better, I asked her what some of her favorite things to do in her free time were. She said that she loves to go to standup comedy shows, discover new comedians, and see people share themselves and their craft. She loves how some jokes are hilarious and gets everyone laughing, but she also likes that some don’t do too well – which is a perfect metaphor for life! She also loves playing with her sister’s dog, a Pembroke welsh corgi named Anne. Whenever she says she needs a smile, she always looks at pictures of her furry niece. Another thing that she likes to do is hiking, kayaking, and fishing in Maine! She loves surrounding herself in nature with no phones or electricity to distract and reading around the campfire!