Science Fair


Mrs.. Gomez

Science Fair winners including first, second, third and best of fair recipients.

Katelyn Messier, Staff Writer

Taking place on January 4th, 2023, several ambitious freshmen and sophomore students crowded the Cafeteria in order to show off their skills in the field of science. The exhibit consisted of various types of judges, including some fellow teachers and alumni and our very own principal, Mr. Kane.

“I have been judging the Science Fair I believe every year since I have been here, and this is my ninth year. I always think it’s one of the most important activities of the year. The kids always do a tremendous job, there is always so much creativity and science on display,” replied Mr. Kane when asked for his opinion on the spectacle. Mr. Kane continued by praising the science teachers for all of their hard work, stating

It’s a tremendous undertaking for the science teachers to put this on every year, so as much work as the kids are doing and our student [volunteers] are doing, our teachers really have to lean into making this happen every year.

— Mr. Kane

Sofiana Azzouz received first place for Visual Presentation and Display, along with Elizabeth Hogan in second place and Domenic Catanese in third. Ananyaa Sunil received first place for the overall 9th grade awards and James Kennedy received first for the overall 10th grade awards. The Best of Fair Award was awarded to Ritika Roy with an exceptional project about how to predict how a nickel-metal hydride battery degrades.

Ritika Roy with her project.