Santa Shop : Feehan’s Spirit of Giving


Annalise Karamas, Staff Writer

(Left to right): Marina Lavelle (‘24), Grace Muliero (‘24), Fiona Soliday (‘24), and Jack Kanakry (‘24) (Annalise Karamas )

“I liked having the opportunity to help people in our community.”

— Nina Medieros


Despite the rain; laughter, cheer, and the spirit of giving were all present on Holcott Drive this year. Students donated over 3,000 presents, bringing in a total of over 150 clients. Within the wrapping station, toy shop, and lively band, clients were greeted with christmas cheer the second they entered the door. Students this year were decked out in Christmas gear, many wore Santa hats, reindeer headbands, and fun christmas sweaters and socks.

A favorite service activity for students was the long awaited babysitting shifts, which was absent in previous years due to COVID-19. Some of the most popular gifts for donations this year were Disney princess dolls and small lego sets. A student favorite was the Radio Flyer Scooter.

Overall, Santa Shop was a lovely display of giving and generosity this year. We all hope this beautiful tradition continues on for generations to come. Happy Holidays Holcott drive, and Merry Christmas! ❄️

We asked a couple of students and staff to state their favorite part of Santa Shop:


“My favorite part was the toy chain because it was nice seeing all the donations come in, and it’s really fun to pass them [the toys] to friends” 

— Marina Lavelle


“I love giving presents and obviously like to give crafty gifts for Santa Shop for the kids. I used to help with the babysitter area and I know the people who were working downstairs [in the cafeteria] love the sight of people’s faces lighting up when they see the amount of toys downstairs.” 

— Mrs. Pexioto