Christmas Traditions of the World

Christmas Traditions of the World

Oceana Duffy, Staff Writer








While the United States sits down to enjoy a turkey dinner with family, Japan takes a different approach– Kentucky Fried Chicken. This tradition started in December of 1974, just four years after the first Kentucky Fried Chicken opened in Japan. The official story goes that the KFC manager, Takeshi Okawara, made his way to a Christmas party dressed as Santa and gave out chicken to children. Inspired by the kids’ love for the chicken, Okawara created a KFC Christmas special–the party barrel. This low, all-inclusive deal has brought families in Japan to KFC for over 45 years. Now, 3.6 million Japanese families enjoy a delicious Kentucky Fried Dinner feast on Christmas Day.




Many Americans drive to Mass on Christmas morning to celebrate their beliefs with friends in family. In Venezuela, they roll into mass in a different way. On Christmas Day, the streets of Caracas are closed down before 8:00am to make way for Venezuelans who roller skate to Church. The night before, children hang laces from their windows which skaters will pull on the next morning to wake them up. Friends and family united on the street to share food and skate to Mass.




Catalan, Spain  

One of the greatest modern traditions in America is the elf on the shelf. The magic of the elf grants powers to move in the night and watch children for Santa. Catalan has a similar tradition, but instead of an elf, it is a log. Caga Tió is a log that poops out candy and treats for the children during the Christmas season. The tradition started during the Winter Solstice celebration. Catalans would find a large tree trunk to set on fire that would burn throughout the winter. In honor of this, families will now venture into the woods to find a log to cover with a blanket and care for throughout the winter. On December 24th children gather around the Caga Tió and beat it with a stick and sing a song. In return, the log will reward children with small gifts and candies. This tradition thrives throughout Spain and inspires families with the spirit of magic and happiness during the celebration of Christmas.