Poem of the Month : “Music on Christmas Morning” By Anne Bronte


Maeve Cronin, Staff Writer

The poem of the month is “Music on Christmas Morning” by Anne Brontë. Brontë writes about the power of music and its healing abilities for those in grief. She also talks about the joy she finds in Christmas and the music associated with the holiday season. In this poem, music is compared to the sound of an angel’s voice waking us up from dark slumber. The feeling of glee that one gets from music is also compared to a piece of Heaven being brought down to humanity from above.


Music is a very impactful element of the festivities we celebrate during the holiday season. As for Bishop Feehan, we have the Christmas Concert coming up which is a perfect representation of how music moves us as a community. 


Brontë’s poem contains themes of music’s healing power on people and how it can bring a community together, no matter how much baggage those people carry.. Something as little as the tune of “Jingle Bells” can truly make someone happier who is going through a hard time during the holiday season, like those who are financially struggling or are grieving someone they loved. 


It is important to remember that something as small as a festive tune can uplift someone’s mood, and that no deed is too small to make someone more jolly during the holiday season.