Teacher Spotlight : Mrs. Esposito-Smith


Patrick Corso

Sophie Burns and Mrs. Esposito-Smith

Sophie Burns, Staff Writer/ Photojournalist

Mrs. Esposito-Smith is an amazing teacher that truly makes Feehan a better place. She is so dedicated and cares so much about all of her students. She is not just a teacher to her students, she is a friend. Mrs. E-S said, “that it is a privilege to help students at BFHS.” She takes the time out to figure out how to best help students if they are struggling in a class. Mrs. E-S is always proud of student accomplishments and wants to hear them all. When you say hi to her she always smiles and asks about family and other things.


She said if she wasn’t a teacher, she would be a writer. She said, “I would write the world’s best novel if I was not a teacher, I seriously would.” She also said that she has always wanted to be a teacher; ever since she was a little girl. As a little kid, Mrs. E-S played school with her siblings. Mrs E-S says that her students are like children to her and that seeing them go off the college can be sad because she can’t see their faces in the halls, but she is happy because she helps them with her positivity and her motivation.


Mrs. E-S has taught in different schools and has previous experience as an English teacher. When she came to Feehan she took over the elective Study Skills which helps freshmen manage their work and learn how to prioritize their assignments. In addition to her Study Skills class, Mrs. E-S also runs the ARC (the Academic Resource Center). There she provides students with academic support and also helps students who have been absent from school for medical issues. Through the ARC she also coordinates the peer tutoring program where she pairs up students who are part of the National Honor Society with students who are looking for some extra help with their work. She really does it all and for that we are all so grateful.