Feehan’s Annual Father Daughter Dance

Katelyn Messier, Staff Writer

The annual Bishop Feehan Father Daughter Dance was held on November 4th at the Putnam Club located at Gillette Stadium, home to our New England Patriots in Foxboro, Massachusetts. This was Feehan’s 48th Father Daughter Dance and once again, this tradition proved it will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

The Dance included an inviting dinner, where attendees indulged in a buffet followed by a dessert table. The dance floor became open to all attendees after it was used to announce our annual Father Daughter court. Students had the opportunity to request songs for our DJ prior to the dance, which most students took the chance to do.

When asked what the event means to the community, our President Tim Sullivan said in response, “I think it’s our oldest tradition at Feehan, which makes it a really important part of our calendar for a lot of people. There are a ton of dads here whose sisters came here with their dads maybe thirty years ago, and even some grandparents so now we have three generations of father daughter families, which is pretty neat.” Mr. Sullivan concluded by expressing how “it’s a big Feehan cultural event, which makes it special to fathers and daughters of all grades and generations.”

Some students expressed their love for the event, Jillian Conlon ‘24 stating, “The food smacked, and the music was fire,” whereas Alexandra Llamas ‘24 exclaimed, “The food was delicious! The photo booth, dancing, and music were a lot of fun. The venue was the highlight of the night, as the spectacular views you can see from the stadium were immaculate.”

A huge thank you goes to the staff at Gillette Stadium and Mrs. Fowler who made this event possible, the man working the photo booth who attends all Feehan dances and has fun with every student, and to all of the fathers and daughters who attended the dance, bringing our attendee count just around 800 for a thrilling night!