Dear Lucky

Annalise Karamas, Staff Writer

Dear Lucky,

I have so many tests coming up this week and I’m super nervous. How am I supposed to study for all of them?

Studious Sophomore


Dear Studious Sophomore,

Studying can be difficult at times! But it can be manageable if you break it down correctly. Here are some of my favorite tips from Feehan’s very own psychology class:

Break down your studying over several days. Studies show that students who review material every night do much better on assessments than people who cram study the night before. With that, if you have trouble paying attention while studying, break up your studying into smaller chunks. Try 30 minutes of study with a 5 minute break between study blocks.

Start a study group with friends! Group discussion of notes has always helped me study better.

Meaning matters. If you want to remember something, you have to relate it to yourself in some way. Try mnemonics in your study notes such as: PEMDAS, Every Good Boy Eats Fudge, the 50 nifty states song, and much more!

Chunking: organize your notes into familiar and manageable units. Break your notes into charts, tables, bullet points, and more!

Take care of your body! Sleep loss heavily affects your studying ability, making it hard to focus and concentrate. If you are still struggling to focus, lock your phone and get some fresh air outside. The break will reset your thoughts, and help you get back on track.

Happy Studying!

Lucky 🍀