Freshmen and Senior Retreats


Campus Ministry

Freshmen enjoying their group activities at La Salette during their class retreat.

Lydia Nassef, Co-Editor/Staff Writer

This past September, Bishop Feehan held two of the most important days of each school year: the class retreats for both the freshman and senior classes at La Salette Shrine in Attleboro, MA. 

The Freshman retreat is organized by Campus Ministry and the Campus Ministry Senior Leaders. As a class, the freshmen begin their academic journey at Feehan by gathering together and getting a chance to strengthen new friendships and by deepening their relationships with God. The CMSAs led small student groups, and the class was able to play games, get to know one another better, and to reflect on both their personal and faith lives. The freshman class also got insight from the senior class, hearing personal accounts from some CMSAs about what advice they wish they had known when they themselves were freshmen.

In a similar fashion, the senior class began their final year here at Feehan with a retreat that mirrors that of the freshmen. The senior class formed small groups that were led by teacher volunteers. They played games, reflected with one another on their experience at Feehan as well as their faith lives. Mr. Charron, Ms. Curry, and Mr. Speidel shared their experiences with going to college and growing into adults, and the senior class was able to ask them advice while they begin the transition from high school to college. 

These class retreats are wonderful hallmarks of the Feehan community, uniting each graduating class with days of fun and faith, both when they enter Feehan’s doors, and when they are preparing to leave.