College Fairs Are Back


Sophie Burns

Juniors Ally Styles, Sam Blette and Grace Nelson show off their University of Vermont brochures that they received from a school rep at the college fair.

Carter Arruda, Staff Writer

Just as Feehan students begin to settle back into their daily routines, the future of their lives begins to dwell on their minds. Bright and new, the future for Feehan students have such limitless potential which requires a strong point to launch from. Luckily for them, the college fair has returned. The college fair allows Bishop Feehan students to visualize their futures and give them insight into their desired lives. Charlie Gioraud (‘24), a junior at Bishop Feehan, says that “

the college fair helped me realize that my goals were worth achieving and could be real

— Charlie Gioraud '24

”. The college fair is important to many students for this same reason. Providing resources seems to boost student drive as they are able to now visualize their options and plan for a bright future. The opportunities presented were great. There were no weak schools either. Everyone of these schools were handpicked by the Bishop Feehan guidance staff. These schools bring their best as well. Both the staff and the colleges understand the integrity of the Bishop Feehan student, ensuring that both parties are serious about the college selection process. After all the colleges have to bring their A-game to draw the eyes of the students. Nakul Bhatia (‘24) says that he was impressed with the wide selection of colleges, and how they were able to come down to organize this special event. Coming every Wednesday was also helpful in introducing as many students to the event as possible. Overall these fairs provided a wonderful opportunity for Bishop Feehan students to realize their dreams so that they may gain the confidence to reach out for them. The Feehan guidance staff are truly the best for creating such an event to inspire students all across Feehan.