Best Dressed on Holcott

Emma Fitzgerald ‘24 and Grace McCorry ‘24 dressed as Paris Hilton and Soulja Boy

Faith O’Hanlon, Staff Writer

Yusef Kassem ‘23 representing NYC as the statue of liberty herself! (Faith O’Hanlon)



Feehan students, faculty, and staff put their most fashionable foot forward for this year’s homecoming week. With various themed days, sporting events, and a dance, the school spirit was nothing short of excellent. The festivities began on Friday October 14 with a USA themed TAG day. Red, white, and blue replaced the usual green and gold beginning the homecoming week excitement.







Olivia Kasonowsky ‘24 recreating a classic Marilyn Monroe look (Faith O’Hanlon).
Mirolla Boules ‘24 dressed as her favorite celebrity, Zendaya! (Faith O’Hanlon)













After a weekend of rest and preparation for the upcoming festivities, the shamrocks were back at it again, dressing per their class theme which all revolved around places in the world. Seniors decided to represent the Big Apple with outfits varying from construction workers to the Statue of Liberty herself.Juniors got a taste of Hollywood fame, dressing up as their favorite celebrities. “Adam Sandler’s” flooded the hallways in oversized sweatpants and baseball caps; while others took a more elegant approach, even replicating Audrey Hepburn’s classic pearl look. Sophomores took a trip to the Wild West, with cowboy boots and hat galore. Last but not least, the freshman took a tropical approach, donned in traditional Hawaiian shirts and draped in colorful leis.


Mrs. Dowd’s theology class on college sweatshirt day (Mrs. Dowd).

As the week continued, there was a modified TAG day with a college sweatshirt theme to commemorate the college bowl. Universities from all over the world were represented by students, teachers, and faculty alike. Then celebrate the final school day of homecoming week, each grade represented at the rally in their assigned class color. Class spirit was overflowing and the energy was absolutely contagious.


Juniors celebrate at the rally in all pink (Gina Simoneau).

To end the week, the football game had a pink out theme in honor of breast cancer awareness month. From wigs to glitter face paint, students were pink from head to toe. The day started with pink and ended with semi-formal attire. Feehan students attended the homecoming dance in style this year, dressing in their Saturday best and displaying their unique personal tastes. It was a wonderful way to end a fashionable week on Holcott!

Grace Gustafson ‘23 shows her spirit in head to toe pink (Faith O’Hanlon).
Anna Cinelli ‘23 (homecoming queen) sparkles in pink and glitter at the football game (Faith O’Hanlon).