Prom is Back


Jessica Ricci

Feehan students and their dates enjoyed the return of Bishop Feehan’s Prom. Pictured (left to right): Abigail Violett, Nicholas Sumner, Lydia Nassef, Yusef Kassem, Mary Kate Bosse, John Demuth, Samantha Avila, Neil Cahill, Brooke Borges, Paul Moura, Amelia Ritez, Jack Toncelli, Jessica Ricci, Brennon Schifman, Katherine Mills, Una Soliday and Colin Johnson

Abigail Violett

Prom is back!! The Feehan student body has waited years for the return of this beloved dance. The Prom was canceled the last two years due to concerns about Covid-19, but this year the student body got to enjoy food, dancing, and socializing with their classmates. The Junior-Senior Prom took place on April 29th at Gillette Stadium. The environment was electric, and it was obvious that both the students and faculty were happy to see the return of an important Feehan tradition. The night began with the receiving line and dinner. Students enjoyed chicken parmesan, steak, salad, and rolls. Then the Prom court was announced and met with great enthusiasm by the crowd. The night concluded with dancing and an ice cream sundae bar. It truly was amazing to see the return of a special Feehan tradition after two years of hybrid learning and masking. There were smiles on almost every face and you could see the joy all the upperclassmen felt for the return of Prom.