Five Spots in Boston to Check Out During the Summer!

Annalise Karamas

  1. Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Primarily famous for its impressive conservation of the building itself, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum strives to conserve the collection of Isabella Stewart, who requested the building be sealed in time after her passing. Spending even two hours at the museum, you will for certain find items you missed when you first walked around. With an impressive collection of Asian, American, and African works, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is an absolute must for Boston sightseeing.









  1. DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
  • Stretching 30 acres, DeCordova contains more than 60 works across its landscape. Along with sightseeing, the park has many nature tours, talks, and yoga opportunities throughout the summer. Take a walk around the park by yourself, or take a tour with an expert! This summer, DeCordova is featuring a wide variety of African American artists, writers, and poets to commemorate Juneteenth. Be sure to check it out!







  1. Franklin Park Zoo
  • What could be more fun than the zoo in the summer! This summer for the first time in 15 years, the Franklin Park Zoo will be celebrating “Zootopia,” a fun event with many animal guests and fun bites to eat! Along with the festivities, it’s used as an opportunity to raise money for both local and abroad animal conservation efforts.










  1. Tour Harvard
  • Want to get ahead on college tours and have fun while doing it? Try touring Harvard! Go on a 45 to 60 minute tour with professionals, or take a historical self-guided tour on the Harvard mobile app. Harvard has many fun events going on throughout the summer, among them are multiple public art tours across campus! While you’re there, be sure to check out the Harvard Library, the oldest library system in the United States!









  1. Museum of Science
  • Have a babysitting job this summer? The Museum of science is perfect for all ages! Featuring the engineering design workshop, fun exhibits, and lighting show; the MOS has easily understood, as well as unique exhibits. Featuring a five-story-high domed screen, Omni Films at the museum are a must see! This summer the museum is showcasing: “Ancient Caves,” “Superpower Dogs,” and “Back from the Brink: Saved from Extinction.” If you’re feeling adventurous, try the museum’s bed of nails in the imagineering playground!



No matter where you travel to this summer, have a fun one! God bless!


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