Dear Lucky

Dear Lucky

Grace Muliero

Dear Lucky,


How should I deal with finals? When it comes to studying, I am not sure where to start. Being on the stressed side, I’m already freaking out. How can I study effectively and still keep my stress levels low?




Pursuant Student 


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Hello Pursuant Student,


Studying for finals can be tough in the beginning; but once you start, it will certainly get easier. One thing that can help with reviewing is looking over your old assessments and organizing them by unit or chapter. Once you do this, look over the content of each unit or chapter. If you are experiencing trouble with a certain area or concept, look back at your notes for help. The way you will review can differ depending on the subject; but looking back at old assessments can help you get a head start. 


When it comes to stress, especially during finals, it can be hard to handle. One way that can help with the anxiety around finals is by making a simple study schedule. Knowing when to study for each subject can greatly reduce the stress about the impending exams. Other ways that can help with stress include playing with your pets or relaxing outside. Hanging out with friends or getting something to eat can be a fun reward and distraction from your studies. I know that relaxation during this stressful period can be hard; but just know that you deserve that break!



Lucky 🍀