The Spring Pep Rally


Sophia Comey

Bishop Feehan is a school that enjoys celebrating its student-athletes. One of the main ways it does so is by holding pep rallies each season for the fall, winter, and spring athletes. The month of April held the spring pep rally for all the springtime sports and athletes. At the end of the school day on April 8th, Feehan’s students gathered in the gym for the rally. It began with all of this season’s teams walking into the gym to a song each team individually selected. The teams included girl’s and boy’s lacrosse, girl’s and boy’s track, baseball, softball, and tennis. 


After the walk-in, the rally’s main events began. Each season’s rally has unique, fun-filled events. The spring rally started off with a musical demonstration from Feehan’s percussion ensemble. Five of Feehan’s students put on a wonderful percussion show, playing instruments such as drums, cymbals, xylophones, etc. Many students at the rally described the performance as “great” “amazing” and “mesmerizing.”I personally really enjoyed the music and found it very pleasant to listen to. 


After the performance, the rally’s second event began. This was the teacher vs student basketball game. Two co-ed teams, one made entirely up of Feehan’s staff members led by Coach Dolores and the other made up of Feehan’s best senior basketball players, faced off head-to-head in a game of basketball. It was a very lively event. Students were loudly and enthusiastically cheering the teams on throughout the entire event. Both teams played hard and gave it their all. The teachers played well and received many fun and wacky handicaps. However, in the end, the student team came out victorious. Overall, it was a fun event for all involved. 


Pep rallies are meant to boost school spirit and morale. Feehan’s spring rally did not fall short of this. It was an entertaining and enjoyable event for all students, performers, and players. It also gave Feehan a chance to recognize its spring-time athletes who deserve the support. It was a great event for the Shamrocks!