Club Spotlight : Feehan Film Review Club


Molly Sullivan

Feehan Film Review Club

Molly Sullivan

     One of Feehan’s newest clubs, Film Review, is already making its mark. Created to give film-lovers a place to discuss and debate their opinions, Feehan Film Review Club already has a dozen members that meet every week to talk about all things movies.

       Feehan Film Review was started about four months ago because “there really wasn’t anything like it at Feehan yet,” says founder Liam Petit. Each week they choose a theme and then vote on a movie within that theme. They’ve studied themes like sci-fi, Disney, and even movies by certain directors. They reconvene the following week to discuss what they liked and disliked about the movie with other students that share their passion for film.

       After just a few short months, Feehan Film Review Club has already created a wonderful space for movie-lovers to share their interest. If anyone is interested in learning more about films or meeting with fellow film-fanatics, they meet every Wednesday morning in LC3 and all are welcome! For more information follow @feehanfilmreview on Instagram.