Book Review – House of Sky and Breath

Book Review - House of Sky and Breath

Allie Burns

Author Sarah J. Maas is renowned for her multiple bestselling fantasy series. Recently, she released the sequel to her #1 Best-Selling New York Times book, House of Earth and Blood in her Crescent City series. On February 15, 2022, she published the sequel, House of Sky and Breath, almost exactly 2 years after she published House of Earth and Blood. The names of the books correlate with different “Houses” in the series. The “House of Earth and Blood,” which the first book was named after, and the “House of Sky and Breath,” which the second book was named after, are both different “Houses” that contain different mythical beings. Some speculate that Crescent City: 3 will be named House of Many Waters due to the third “House” being named after that as well.


The protagonist; a stubborn, fierce, half-fae woman named Bryce Quinlan, opens the book with her best friend, the ever-protective Danika Fendyr. These two women are who the series circles around. However, the series would be nothing without its lovable side characters including the Pack of Devils, Hunt Athalar, Fury and Juniper, and many more. The characters that Maas creates make the experience of reading the 800 page book bearable. Without the many facets of the many characters, this book would be boring and uneventful. 


A shout-out to the plot is also needed. This plot has so, so many twists and turns that it reads as if it is a rollercoaster. Sarah J. Maas puts her characters through so many events in one book, it’s a surprise that most of them stay alive. Some of the characters do die, in fact, there is much more explicit death of prominent characters in House of Earth and Blood compared to any of the other books Maas has started a series with—those books being Throne of Glass and A Court of Thorns and Roses. To conclude, both books, House of Earth and Blood and House of Sky and Breath, have very complex plots and will surprise you with every move. Both these books would be a great start if you want to get yourself out of a reading slump or to start reading in general. 


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