Feehan’s Got Talent


Kate DeVincent

On Thursday, February 17th, Bishop Feehan High School had the honor of watching as some of the most talented students performed for us on stage. There were so many amazing acts ranging from stand up comedy to the electric guitar. Each performer brought something unique to the stage which made for a very entertaining show. 

There were seven different acts performed; some by soloists and others by large groups. The first performer was Nick Calamar who played the electric guitar. His skills were incredible and both the judges and crowd really loved his playing. Mr. Kane commented on how impressive it was that he could move so quickly between notes that were very far apart on the scale. The next performer was Dorothy Bowen who sang “When He Sees Me” from the musical Waitress. She sang so beautifully and had amazing breath control on many of the longer notes. Mrs. Seals loved how she did not just sing the song, but acted with strong emotion while she was singing. Next, Claire Bleou performed a hilarious stand-up comedy routine. In this routine, she joked about her life at home and her relationship with her mom. She really made the crowd laugh, but also made the performance relatable for many students. She looked so comfortable and confident on stage which made her really fun to watch. 

Then, Anthony Kurtzer played “Pirates of the Caribbean” on both the electric guitar and the piano. It was so impressive how he was able to transition so smoothly back and forth from each instrument. The judges even told us that he was the first person at Bishop Feehan to ever play two instruments in one act. Nolan Duffy, James Breckner, Liam Concannon, Tate DeMond, John Pearl, and Matt Saunders performed a magic act for the audience. They even convinced Mr. Svenson to give us a day off! 

Feehan’s Got Talent always has two winners: the students’ choice and the judges’ choice. The judges were Mr. Kane, Mrs. Seals, and Mr. LeDoux and they chose Cat Chehwan and Evan Jackson as their winners. Cat sang “In Case You Don’t Live Forever” by Ben Platt while Evan accompanied on the piano. Their performance was simply outstanding. The act was a beautiful combination of singing and piano playing. Mr. Kane commented on how impressive Cat’s range was. She could sing so many different notes both high and low on the scale. Evan was also great on the piano and had great rhythm and tempo. The students’ choice winner was Suubi Laurent who masterfully played the cello. She was so talented and you could really tell by watching her play. The way she moved from note to note was so smooth and the piece was flawless.

Of course, the show could not have happened without the hosts. This year, seniors Ryan Rebelo and Colin Sheeran stepped up to the job, and they did not disappoint. With hilarious jokes, entertaining crowd trivia, and a cinematic opening video, their hosting gig is sure to be remembered!

This year’s Feehan’s Got Talent was a great show put on by such talented students!

Claire Bleou (‘22)
Ryan Rebelo (‘22, left); Brendan Krue (‘22, mid); Colin Sheeran (‘22, right)
Ryan Rebelo (‘22, left); Marco Fraone (‘23, right)
Suubi Laurent (‘24)
Dorothy Bowen (‘23)
Nick Calamar (‘23)
Colin Sheeran (‘22, left); Ryan Rebelo (‘22, right)
Evan Jackson (‘23, left); Cat Chehwan (‘23, right)