Should Daylight Savings Stop?


Karianna Cabral

On the second Sunday every year in March, we skip over 2:00 A.M and “spring forward.”  And on the second Sunday every year in November, we get the time of 2:00 A.M. twice and “fall back.”  This process is daylight savings time, and many have asked the simple question of weather or not it is worth doing.

The idea of daylight savings time first occurred to Benjamin Franklin.  In 1784, Franklin wrote a letter to the editor of The Journal of Paris suggesting the idea of daylight savings.  He stated that it would economize candle usage and make savings for people.

Today, many people find no point in this process of turning the clock back or forth by an hour.  An AP-NORC poll stated that in October 2019, 71% of people voted to get rid of the daylight savings time process while 28% voted to continue with it.  In 2021, a group of bipartisan senators reintroduced the Sunshine Protection Act which can make daylight savings the permanent time.  

The only question left now to question for yourself is if daylights savings should stay or go.