Student Council Spotlight : Carnations and Cards


Pictured: Student Council members Molly Sullivan (left) and Ella O’Brien (right) before they go out to deliver the Carnations and Cards.

Allie Burns

Pictured: The Student Council home room with the red and pink carnations.
Carnations and Cards

For Valentine’s Day this year, the Student Council put their minds together and came up with a brilliant idea. This idea brought back the Candy-Grams from the Christmas season and updated them to Valentine’s Day with Carnations and Cards. The Student Council member that came up with this idea, with help from Mr.Ryan, was Olivia Kasanowsky. Talking with Olivia, she said, “It was sort of a marriage on an idea that Mr.Ryan and I both had because at Mr.Ryan’s high school he had done something similar.” She then explained how she thought of the Candy-Grams from the Christmas season and then, how she brainstormed the idea of either cards or carnations. Olivia’s idea, and Mr.Ryan’s past experience with cards, was the catalyst for the Carnations and Cards. 

Their idea was brought up during one of their monthly Student Council meetings and Olivia said, “It became very popular, very quickly.” The other members loved the idea for Carnations and Cards and they started working on it right away. With the help from the other Student Council members, the Carnations and Cards grew into what Feehan experienced on February 14th, 2022. In the weeks before Valentine’s Day, the Student Council sold the Carnations and Cards during lunches. Then on Valentine’s Day, some people’s backpacks overflowed with multiple color Carnations sticking out of their backpack pockets with Cards to match. Friends sent friends the pink friendship carnation or the red love carnation, or to be funny, they sent a white secret admirer carnation. Many people would agree with Olivia when she says, “Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.”