Teacher Spotlight : Señora Lindsay


Sophia Comey

“The ability to help people learn, grow, discover who they’re going to be, and being able to walk alongside them in that journey is really special to me.”

— Señora Lindsay


Señora Lindsay has always had a love for the study of languages. She is certified as both an English and Spanish teacher, studied Mandarin as an elective in college, and is currently studying the French language. She believes that languages present a unique opportunity to communicate your thoughts and ideas with others from all different cultures and backgrounds. 


Lindsay attended Providence College for both her undergraduate and graduate degrees. She then started as a PACT program teacher (Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers) for two years at a local PACT school out in western Massachusetts. After this, she moved back towards her home state Rhode Island and got a job as an English teacher at a middle school for another two years. She then became a high school Spanish teacher at a public school. However said that the school was not the best fit for her. 


Señora Lindsay then began teaching at Bishop Feehan, has been here for 3 years as a Spanish teacher, and has enjoyed her experience ever here since. When asked about it, she stated that she especially enjoys working at a Catholic school like Feehan, as she loves to be able to pray with her students every day and openly discuss her faith in a classroom setting. “Feehan’s one of the best run Catholic schools that I’ve worked at. I think the administration has a clear understanding of what we offer and what makes us special.” 


Since she started here, Señora Lindsay has become very involved in many aspects of Feehan’s community. She is one of the Senior class moderators and is a member of the faculty choir. She is also a faculty advisor for the Spanish Honor Society which recognizes academic achievement in the study of Spanish. In this organization, Senora Lindsay had been able to partake in various charity works. They hold many fundraisers along with volunteering every Friday at a local soup kitchen. She also runs a professional learning community for other teachers relating to dialoguing in the classroom. She was also the technology coordinator for the World Language Department during virtual learning times. This year, Senora Lindsay is also set to be the coach of Feehan’s freshman softball team. 


Señora Lindsay truly loves being a teacher. She loves getting to teach and work with kids, saying that “You find that the kids often teach you more than you end up teaching them.” I’ve personally had her as a teacher for about 6 months and find her to be a very bright and cheerful person who enjoys her job and cares for her students. Her passion is reflected and shown in her classroom, and I’ve really enjoyed the spirit and enthusiasm she brings each and every day.