Winter Rally

Elizabeth Borah

Mrs. Simoneau

Each year, Bishop Feehan enjoys celebrating all of its fantastic varsity sports teams. In doing this, Feehan reserves three times a year for a rally; one in the fall, one in the winter, and one in the spring. This past Friday, February 18th, was the day of the winter sports rally. Upon the last hour of the school day, the whole school gathered in the bleachers of the gym to cheer on their favorite winter sports athletes. At the start of the ceremony, all in-season teams walked out to the gym with their choice of music. The teams consisted of girls and boys ice hockey, girls and boys basketball, fencing, swimming, cheerleading, and girls and boys indoor track.

After the walk-out, the highly anticipated and fun-filled rally began. During the fall rally, the school enjoys the Homecoming skits showcased by each class. In the winter rally, the student council helps set up different games to play that get the whole school energized. The first of these games was a Tug-O-War.  Each team included seven of the strongest members from grade who worked together to pull the rope with all their might so that it would cross the designated line in the center of the basketball court. 

The first matchup was between freshman and sophomores, and the sophomores arose victorious. Next up were the juniors versus the seniors. To the seniors’ dismay, the juniors took away the win. The sophomores and juniors then went head-to-head to determine which class would be the ultimate winner, and the juniors, once again, stole the show.

The next game was a blindfold ball crawl. Two representatives from each grade gathered in the middle of the gym with a blindfold covering their eyes. Once the music started, seven yoga balls were rolled into the center of the gym and participants found themselves crawling on the floor, using their hands to guide them in search of one of the balls. Once they found a yoga ball, they sat on it, guaranteeing their spot in the next round. The game was played until a winner was determined. After many rounds at play, freshman Colin Curry was the last man standing to win the game.

The next game was rather self-explanatory; a pie eating contest. Four bold representatives, one from each grade, lined up sitting down across two tables. Once they were given the “go”, the pie-eaters battled to scarf down their pie first. As the four students devoured their pies, their classmates eagerly cheered and encouraged them on. Triumphantly, the senior class took first place as Kevin Robichaud finished his pie first. 

The last game also did not disappoint; dodgeball. This time, the juniors and seniors teamed up together to face the freshmad and sophomores. The game went on for a long time as dodgeballs flew across the gym floor in hopes of knocking out other players. In the end, the freshman and sophomores fought an aggressive match to win over the upperclassmen.

The Bishop Feehan Winter Rally was a great way to celebrate our amazing winter sport athletes. They have all worked extremely hard in the frigid, blizzard-like weather conditions and surely deserved a rally to recognize them. It was a great way to say, “Go Shamrocks!”