Valentine’s Day


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Happy Valentines Day

Abigail Violett

Happy Valentines Day (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Oftentimes, Valentine’s Day is associated with chocolates, flowers, and  little pastel candy hearts. However, the meaning of Valentine’s Day runs deeper than just giving gifts. Valentine’s Day gets its name from St. Valentine who married couples in secret during the third century. After he was sentenced to death, Valentine left a letter for the girl he loved signed “From Your Valentine.” This phrase is often seen on Valentine’s Day cards today. Cupid, another figure often associated with Valentine’s Day, comes from Roman mythology. Cupid is known for shooting arrows that cause people to fall in love with each other. He is now a symbol of Valentine’s Day and seen on gifts, in stores, and online. Since it’s first celebration in the fourth century, Valentine’s Day has grown in recognition and popularity. It is now celebrated around the world in places such as Mexico, the United States, Canada, Australia and multiple countries in Europe. Every year on February 14th, cards, flowers, and small gifts are exchanged with loved ones. As demonstrated in Feehan’s carnation sale, Valentine’s Day is not only about couples, but it also celebrates great friends. This Valentine’s Day, thank the people that make you happy and make your day better.