Student Spotlight : Allie Burns


Allie performing “Astonishing” from Little Women for TYT’s production of All Together Now.”

Grace Muliero

When thinking of an exceptional student, one might easily think of Allie Burns. Allie is not just an academic achiever, but a true person who could be friends with anyone she comes upon. She is someone that strives for greatness in every sense and I am lucky enough to have worked with her both in and outside the classroom. 

Currently a sophomore, Allie has done a great deal in the short time she’s spent at Feehan including an impressive list of school clubs: mock trial, policy debate, after school chorus, theater, and she is a staff writer at the newspaper. Allie also contributes to Feehan sports, having been the volleyball team manager for the past two years. Being a talented performer, Allie has been accepted into the Senior District Mixed Chorus and appeared in last year’s fall production of Romeo and Juliet. On top of her performing arts skills, Allie has done extremely well in science and writing, submitting a collection of poems to the scholastic writers awards as well as participating in this year’s science fair. 

With Allie only being an underclassman, her future years at Feehan look very bright. Next year, with her newly found privileges of an upperclassman, she hopes to take Novel Writing to expand on her world building skills. Another perk for Allie’s Junior year is joining Jazz Choir, which she hopes to take part in until graduation.

 Allie has a very bright future ahead of her, both at school and in the world. Not only Allie’s achievements but also her personality makes her an exceptional example of a Feehan student. 

Allie participated in this past year’s Santa Shop toy chain.